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Sep. 23rd, 2011

Since I seriously got out of my way to answer a simple question on Tumblr, I may as well post it here. It pretty much turned into a wall of text...

brokusatsu replied to your photo: Loli(er?) Yuni and Bluebell, a younger Byakuran…
okay prediction time, who do you think Mokuro pointed out that would be Tsuna’s close friend, turned enemy? I’m betting Fon gets Hibari to fight for him, maybe Bianchi too.

Oh, ok, excuse me while I get serious with my fangirling speculations here :D

I believe the one that pointed “close friends” possibility was Verde actually.

Honestly my first thoughts were from within the guardians - but then, the only one that would agree to fight against Tsuna/Reborn from that group would be Hibari, and I doubt Hibarin can be categorized as a “close friend”. Though, this is Tsuna so he pretty much can consider him close (to some point), even if Hibari thinks otherwise.

Bianchi could be but wasn’t ever an option for me so far since Amano can make badass looking girls but -for some reason- doesn’t make them fight or get seriously injured; unless it’s against another female rival. I also cannot think Bianchi fighting for anyone that’s not Reborn, let alone against him :p There are also some serious rivals mentioned in this arc, so it’d be pretty pointless for her to fight.

My one guess on this so far would be Basil. Close friend + it’s confirmed he’s coming to Japan + he said that he wants to fight against Tsuna + can fight for Lal Mirch’s (or like Colonello’s) sake under CEDEF. And we jumped to Basil’s scenes right after Verde pointing out the “close friends” thing.

My another guess could be Enma/Simon family too but they’re still not taking Skull seriously and I don’t know how will Skull convince them to fight against Tsuna right now. Even if he can, I doubt it’d be a very awkward fight rather than a serious one; after all Tsuna and Enma have been through together. But tables can be turned in the future.


Mammon/Varia: As much as Tsuna doesn’t see Varia as enemies (at least not after the Future Arc, I don’t think so), I don’t think he labels them “close friends” (dfaklfjnaldsl) either. Unless we’re going into some sort of doujinshi here.

Verde/Mukuro: I guess they made pretty clear in this chapter that they’re not any form of close. Though nobody should miss Mukuro’s imply on “take good care of Chrome” in this chapter, but that’s another topic.

Yuni/Byakuran: Nice match (I guess it happened?) but Tsuna should be far from using the words “Byakuran” and “friend” in the same sentence for some time.

Fon: We still don’t know who he chose. Since Byakuran is out of the options for him now, I guess the only one left is Hibari - unless there’s a new character. There are also some theories I saw about Kawahira for Fon. After actually seeing Byakuran and the others, Kawahira’s appearance in this arc at some point seem a little more possible now.

Skull/Enma: This could be. But as I said, after all they’ve been through, they wouldn’t go against each other in such a short time again (at least they shouldn’t story-wise but still…)

Colonello(Lal Mirch)/CEDEF: If Basil is the one that represents them, this seems possible.

So yeah, as for what Verde meant, my money would be on the last 2 options.


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Oct. 23rd, 2011 05:23 pm (UTC)
Late comment is laaate. xD
However, not all the participants of the battle are revealed yet, so we can still speculate. ;D

I totally agree with you about Bianchi. She couldn’t possibly be Reborn’s rival ‘cause she loves him too much. So I think either she will fight together with Team Reborn or she won’t participate at all.

Speaking of Fon. I’ve completely forgotten about Kawahira, but now that you mentioned him, I think it’s quite possible for him to be Fon’s representative. He certainly possesses some mysterious power, as we saw in the Future Arc. And he’s also connected to I-Pin. BTW, is it possible that I-Pin will be Fon’s representative? He is her master, after all.

And speaking of Team Reborn again. Why doesn’t Tsuna want to invite Chrome to the team? He remembered even dr. Shamal and Lancia, but he completely ignores his own Mist guardian. Meanwhile a good illusionist would be of a great help. (Unless her beloved Mukuro-sama gets her into his team first, lol. But I think it’s unlikely. Firstly, he’s a great illusionist himself. Secondly, he asked Tsuna to take a good care of Chrome, which means he has no intension of dealing with her, at least for some time.)
Oct. 24th, 2011 01:43 pm (UTC)
Oh, how much can just a few chapters change. Honestly, I have no idea at all why I thought Basil will be the one that represents them, instead of being part of a team o___o Maybe that "friend" word got me thinking that~

Anyway, Kawahira just has to appear some time in the story so I'm still with that. But like Bianchi, I don't place much hope on I-Pin, since there are some big names in this fight and the last time we saw child I-pin seriously fight (IIRC) was to protect Lambo against those low-ranking Varia members at the beginning of Varia Arc; and she got hurt a little even with that. Her role has been mostly supportive since then and we only saw her in battle in future form. So unless she has been secretly training all this time and became a monster or Fon is training her again; I don't think I-Pin is in this battle :P But we don't see Lambo around also - I guess children won't be included at all.

But seriously, why doesn't anyone think of Chrome?? :D I think there's still some chance they might go with her after all; if nobody is left. But Tsuna may not be such a big fan of the idea since he doesn't like including women and children in fights. As honorable as that sounds, I think it's to the point of being a bit insulting since there are some badass women around if given the chance :) But that's how the story goes, so, oh well...

However if you notice, not all the teams has a full 7 members right now. So either we'll see some new faces (which I hope) or I've been thinking if this will really be a 1-1 fight since the number of members do not reach 7 with most of them (except Yuni's team I guess).

Aaaah it should really start already - I want to see more Xanxus =q=
Oct. 24th, 2011 02:52 pm (UTC)
It looks like Basil really wants to compete with Tsuna. So I guess Team Reborn and Team Colonello won’t form an alliance after all. That’s so strange, huh? Tsuna teams up with his greatest enemy, but his own father will be his rival.

Yeah, I also think that the only one reason why Tsuna doesn’t invite Chrome is that he doesn’t want to put her in danger. Oh, it’s so typical of him to care about women and children. ♥
Speaking of badass women, I felt kinda relieved when Adelheid turned down Skull’s request. So that means Enma’s guardians won’t participate at all? I guess there still is a possibility that they’ll decide to support Enma. They obviously don’t give a damn about Skull, but maybe they’ll want to help their boss.

And Lambo… Actually, I think that TYL!Lambo would be of a great help, too. The only annoying restriction is that 5 minutes limit. Maybe Irie Shouichi will upgrade 10 year bazooka and increase the time limit? (It’s more a dream than a guess, lol. I just want Shouichi back. xD) Well, why not? Spanner has already made a gift to Tsuna upgrading X-burner; so why can’t we also have the upgraded bazooka? xD

Sure, I noticed that almost all the teams are still incomplete. And we still don’t know a single member of Team Fon. BTW, why do so many people think that the one fighting for him will be Hibari?.. I just don’t get it. I don’t see any reason for Hibari to fight for Fon.

Actually, I can’t even imagine what this battle will be like. If all the teams are participating at the same time, it just will be some Epic Clash. >< I guess some new rules will be added; maybe it really will be 1-1 fight or something like that.
Oct. 24th, 2011 05:22 pm (UTC)
Oh I think I know why everybody thinks of Hibari for Fon:

- As you know they resemble each other so much and this had been pointed out a little, causing many speculation about Fon-Hibari relation :D
In the end, this is all we got from Amano (quoting from wikia): "In the Haru Haru Interview in the manga's 31st Volume, Fon said that he and Hibari were related, but Hibari would get angry if he told anyone about so he changed the subject."
So everybody is expecting something to be revealed on this part and they believe this battle could be a chance to do so.

- Hibari has been itching to fight with Reborn and Mukuro since forever, so this could be a chance.

- Fon may not want to gather a team at all if he gets Hibari, since he would be ridiculously strong by himself and not to mention Hibari doesn't like crowds. So why not?

However, since Dino always seems to know how to persuade him every time (calm down my D18 thoughts...), he may pull something here and get him to be with team-Reborn. But other than that, Hibari suits better to be with Fon on this case, until we see some other developments at least.

And man, I'd LOVE to see an epic clash :D It kinda seems like things won't end this way - I mean, even the fights between 2 teams usually get around a year; how will Amano handle 7 teams?
My guess would be; either there could be brief fights we don't always see (which is a low possibility) between other teams than Reborn. But I think everybody would love to see fights between characters other than Tsuna-team already, so I hope this doesn't happen OR those epic clashes seem possible and I'd like to see that.

However I think it's pretty clear that the real "enemy" here will be that iron masked guy (Checker Face seems too weird to call him :P). So I hope in the end we'll see some big fight against him. I have a few theories about that guy too but there's so little revealed right now, all of them are speculations =w=
Oct. 24th, 2011 08:14 pm (UTC)
- Yeah, you are right, there’s a certain resemblance between Hibari and Fon. They both have that fearsome killer gaze. >< And as far as I remember, they’re even voiced by one seiyuu.
(So maybe it will be something like "I’m your father, Luke"© in the end. xD)
- Oh well, I never got the impression that Hibari wanted to fight with Reborn. I thought he was just interested in him for some reason. But in Hibari’s case, maybe it’s the same thing? xD
As for Mukuro, Hibari could fight with him even if he joined Team Reborn ‘cause Mukuro clearly isn’t Team Reborn’s ally.
- Again, you are right. If Fon suggests Hibari to be his one and only representative, Hibari may very well agree since he hates crowds. That’s possible. But in that case we won’t see Kawahira, which is sad.
But to tell the truth, I don’t want Hibari to fight against Tsuna and his guardians. It would look like some kind of betrayal to me. I mean, no matter what Hibari used to say, he always was around to help Tsuna when he was in trouble. I was upset enough when Daemon Spade turned out to be a traitor; I don’t think I can get through another betrayal, so no more traitors, please. :)

And yes, I also think that there’s something strange about that iron masked guy. I find this battle for removing the curse strange to the extreme. xD I mean, why did they suddenly decide to decrease the number of Arcobalenos? How is it possible? There can’t be six guardians where there must be seven. How about Trinisette? Will the world cease to exist? Besides, I find this decision rather unfair. Either they should remove the curse from everyone, or everyone should stay as they are now. (But if only one can be freed form the curse, I think it should be Lal Mirch. It would be fair enough. She’s not really an Arcobaleno, so why does she have to suffer? Actually, I think the curse should have been removed from her at the moment Colonello took her place.)

In short, I’m sure that everything is not what it seems. Maybe they will end up fighting altogether against this Iron Mask.

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