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My private posts will be friends-only. But if you'd like me to add you, I'd be more than happy to!

My plan when I opened this account was to cross-post some of my Tumblr entries as I tend to forget how most people don't read long texts on their dashboards and I always end up writing a lot more than I wanted to at the beginning... =w=

You can always contact me from any of my accounts. I'm probably (definitely) mostly active at my Tumblr.

Lol Apple...

Since we can't bring (large or expensive) electronics via cargo from abroad or when we can bring them, the shipping and customs closes the cost difference anyway; buying a simple Mac mouse (and not even one of the latest ones at that) from my country ridiculously doubles or triples the cost...

I don't want to pay that much because I know I might -and probably will- have the same problem after a short while with that new one too. Pffff
I've been using this Apple mouse and the wheel doesn't scroll up or down anymore but still the right-left ones are working. ACTUALLY the scroll was broken like 2 months after I got it and I lost the down scroll around a few weeks ago.

When it first happened, I thought it was my fault and I misused it or something but then I met with some friends from college who use Mac at home or at work and they've been complaining about the exact same issue. It's really frustrating and I don't want to pay that much just because of these scrolls. I'll probably keep on using it until it's completely broken... Buying a digital one is a little out of the question too - considering its price (when I asked about this one a few weeks ago (in my country), the price I got makes around 135 USD. As you can see, the original item itself is 70 USD. Just so you can see how much they're ripping off here...)


On Abortion and Planned Parenthood

Oh, this amazing video was on Tumblr around last week but I've been wanting to post it here too as there were quite a lot of comments and talking (almost all of them in profound awe and respect and love) going on under it:Read more...Collapse )

Oct. 20th, 2011

A few weeks ago, I managed to drop my old Samsung camera and the service just got the missing part, informing me of how much it would cost. It actually costs as much as buying a new (a bit mediocre but still new) camera so I've been thinking about adding some more to that and getting a new one, instead of paying that much and getting an old one fixed.

Honestly, I'm definitely not a photographer and I really don't follow the market closely. I just had a few terms of mandatory lessons back in college and we had to use manual cameras for it - and that's about it of my photography life. Other than that, I've only been using the camera whenever I felt like it but I don't want to be half-assed about this.

Now; in a recent photoshoot for an outside work, I had the chance to see the quality difference between Canon, Samsung and some other brand. Maybe it was my incapability of handling good settings and getting a better shot; but the guy with Canon apparently insisted on not using any special settings and just taking them (though I'm taking this with a grain of salt as I've seen countless times the "I haven't done anything special" words meant "lol I'll never tell"). So now I'm really leaning towards the Canon option.

My budget for this is not on a dreamy level but maybe I can take care of it. I'm still trying to search what's around.

Mirai Nikki Ep 1

I must admit, they really pulled it off well! I wasn’t expecting the animation, the ambiance and the thrill to be this good. The elevator scene especially felt as exciting as the the first time I was reading it.

To be honest, at first I didn’t have my hopes up too much (not after the so-called OVA) but I was still planning on watching it for the sake of the manga after all. Now I hope they keep this quality up because I see that it's finally getting the attention it deserved (or the people I follow on Tumblr needs some changes...). Anyway, I'm glad there'll be more people to talk about this now.

I also realized it has been some time since I've watched something "gore" that is as little censored as this; which is weirdly good in a way because otherwise some scenes would lose all their impact. I'm guessing there'll be more on the DVD/BD releases though.

Welcome back to my life Yuno~

Momoka's Diary

As Gray Wednesday was on the loop, a thought just occurred to me. I'm pretty sure this could have been mentioned before but I don't remember reading anything about it so far, so I just want to talk about my take on it.

While half of the series is behind us in Mawaru Penguindrum, and it still feels like there's a lot more in the store along with things waiting to be answered; I'm still hung up about something on Momoka's case.

If you can read the future from the diary; why did Momoka board that train 16 years ago?

I can only think of a couple of possibilities so far:

- She might've been looking for a way to prove the diary wrong. In this case, like Shoma, her thoughts on fate could be that "it isn't something written on a stone" and after encountering the diary, she might've been trying to prove it wrong or change something (thus change "fate") it foretells about. Or she might've tried this before and eventually lost her will to live if everything is really determined beforehand. This would be quite ironic, considering how much Ringo loves the concept of "fate".

- A second thought: She, like Ringo, could have been revolving her world around the diary and in the end she could've taken boarding that train on that day as "her role" given to her. If she was a firm believer of fate, then she could have also believed her death was going to be for the greater good and she could've done it willingly.

- A far chance but why not: Maybe the diary wasn't even Momoka's or it just had a similar outlook and was eventually given to her family as her belonging by some work of "fate". I know that we were always told it was Momoka's diary but if this object was found after her death, there could be a possibility that someone or something wanted it to be found like a diary - and given to or passed on to another person.

Seriously; correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember this issue being mentioned in the show so far, though I believe it will at some point. For example, if Tabuki learns about the existence of the diary, he could be the one questioning this since he was a close friend of Momoka. It's also obvious his part in the story isn't exactly over yet, or at least there are still some things we'll learn about him, since the scars on his hand were pointed out quite a few times.

He also seems to be on the "I love and believe in fate" team.

Terra Nova

I started watching Terra Nova recently. Someone I found via its tag mentioned 5 reasons to like it and I must say, I agree with all of them.

I have to admit, I was getting ready to be disappointed when it seemed to turn into "some angst-ridden, crazy teenagers who get themselves killed" but thankfully it quickly changed that pacing and they pulled everything off pretty well with all the rescue operation, missing sixer and some mysterious revelations (118 days? Anyone would go mad... and the signs were interesting). I like that it mainly focuses on the family as well.

Now that we know those signs on the rocks will have some connections to a lot of things, I'm more interested in them (even though that part seemed to be explained a little bit in a rush as if to fit that part into the episode). Of course, it was obvious they were going to have their own story but I was expecting them to pull a LOST there and forget about it for some long time >_>

Also as much as I find them very interesting, I easily end up with a napkin in my hand with teary eyes and/or with some minor nervous wreck after post-apocalyptic/dark atmosphere settings, so the future scenario was painful for me to watch.

And wow, I always have this soft spot about dinosaurs.

I'll definitely be following this show now.

Obligatory Tumblr crosspost.

KHR 355

Excuse me while I go all crazy over the latest chapter.

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Since I seriously got out of my way to answer a simple question on Tumblr, I may as well post it here. It pretty much turned into a wall of text...

brokusatsu replied to your photo: Loli(er?) Yuni and Bluebell, a younger Byakuran…
okay prediction time, who do you think Mokuro pointed out that would be Tsuna’s close friend, turned enemy? I’m betting Fon gets Hibari to fight for him, maybe Bianchi too.

Oh, ok, excuse me while I get serious with my fangirling speculations here :D

I believe the one that pointed “close friends” possibility was Verde actually.

Honestly my first thoughts were from within the guardians - but then, the only one that would agree to fight against Tsuna/Reborn from that group would be Hibari, and I doubt Hibarin can be categorized as a “close friend”. Though, this is Tsuna so he pretty much can consider him close (to some point), even if Hibari thinks otherwise.

Bianchi could be but wasn’t ever an option for me so far since Amano can make badass looking girls but -for some reason- doesn’t make them fight or get seriously injured; unless it’s against another female rival. I also cannot think Bianchi fighting for anyone that’s not Reborn, let alone against him :p There are also some serious rivals mentioned in this arc, so it’d be pretty pointless for her to fight.

My one guess on this so far would be Basil. Close friend + it’s confirmed he’s coming to Japan + he said that he wants to fight against Tsuna + can fight for Lal Mirch’s (or like Colonello’s) sake under CEDEF. And we jumped to Basil’s scenes right after Verde pointing out the “close friends” thing.

My another guess could be Enma/Simon family too but they’re still not taking Skull seriously and I don’t know how will Skull convince them to fight against Tsuna right now. Even if he can, I doubt it’d be a very awkward fight rather than a serious one; after all Tsuna and Enma have been through together. But tables can be turned in the future.


Mammon/Varia: As much as Tsuna doesn’t see Varia as enemies (at least not after the Future Arc, I don’t think so), I don’t think he labels them “close friends” (dfaklfjnaldsl) either. Unless we’re going into some sort of doujinshi here.

Verde/Mukuro: I guess they made pretty clear in this chapter that they’re not any form of close. Though nobody should miss Mukuro’s imply on “take good care of Chrome” in this chapter, but that’s another topic.

Yuni/Byakuran: Nice match (I guess it happened?) but Tsuna should be far from using the words “Byakuran” and “friend” in the same sentence for some time.

Fon: We still don’t know who he chose. Since Byakuran is out of the options for him now, I guess the only one left is Hibari - unless there’s a new character. There are also some theories I saw about Kawahira for Fon. After actually seeing Byakuran and the others, Kawahira’s appearance in this arc at some point seem a little more possible now.

Skull/Enma: This could be. But as I said, after all they’ve been through, they wouldn’t go against each other in such a short time again (at least they shouldn’t story-wise but still…)

Colonello(Lal Mirch)/CEDEF: If Basil is the one that represents them, this seems possible.

So yeah, as for what Verde meant, my money would be on the last 2 options.
I’m at least half an hour away from the sea and anytime a ship whistles, it makes such a muffled and distant noise that I’m mistaking it for my phone’s vibration and checking my bag… only to find it’s not mine. I’m warning myself not to fall for this for the next time and yet whenever I think it’s the sound of a whistle again; turns out I’m missing a call.
Hahah, I just realized that at AniDB, Mawaru PenguinDrum is the second anime that has been tagged with “stalker stalking stalkers” after Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei~
It’s around 5 AM here and I wanted to cook this godly thing but I’m also trying not to wake anyone by making weird noises. Because as fellow all-nighters would know; kitchen is the one place in the house that makes boisterous sounds at night to alert your parents.

I also have to clean up (and dry) and put everything into place after this as to make it seem like nothing happened…

Like before, this is another post I wrote waaaaay back last year on Tumblr and found it while searching for something else; I wanted it here.

I STILL couldn't catch up with the Umineko sound-novels (even though it's right here on my desktop *sob*) but I'm hoping to finish them soon!

In the meantime, for anybody who judges the entire series based on the anime version... I know my thoughts may not convince you, but if you never read it, let me say this:

If you watched the anime you have seen NOTHING and I mean it. Ask it to anyone who read the VN (or sound novel if you prefer it that way). If possible; read it at night. You will LOVE it, it will creep you out and everything will make much more sense (well, at least better than the anime did). And it’ll also drive you into thinking more than the anime ever did.

Also, IIRC the first part of the novels takes around 50~ hours but the anime is around 9~ hours. Do the math on how much explanation and amazing scenes were butchered.

And I’m not even going to start about DEEN…

Yes, the artwork is a lot of issue for some people to stay away from it but it's their style and once the story gets going, you won't even care about it.

Anyone who is unsure about Umineko or watched the anime and weren't satisfied with it: READ IT ALL AT SOME POINT. Doesn’t matter if you watched it already and made it to the last episode; just give it a try read it. There's no way you won't realize the difference.
I posted this last year on Tumblr and found it while I was looking for something else; I just wanted it here because my thoughts haven't changed about this subject at all.

Ok, so I accept KyoAni’s own figure line for K-ON is beautiful, Don’t Say Lazy costumes are already adorable and everything… But what’s up with the poses? Mugi’s shiny panties (which doesn’t have any meaning if you aren’t going to display her facing the wall), Ritsu’s weird stance (what’s up with the hands?), Yui’s holding up the skirt (why… you're closing the front side of the dress and you could display the bottom in another way…)? Each for exclusively ¥8000 and over for more than ¥10000 if you buy it from somewhere else? No, thank you.

Don’t misunderstand: I adore this line, the quality of the work is beautiful. I’d probably think about getting them if they weren’t that expensive also. But If I ever wanted to complete the K-ON cast for some good money, I’d much prefer ALTER’s K-ON line.